Everything and Anything

This blog will be about a little bit of Everything and Anything. I don’t discriminate when I come across an issue I want to rant about.

The reason I started this blog is because I realized that my ranting on Facebook wasn’t being viewed or read. The posts were too long. People go on FB to look at funny videos of cats and laugh at stupid memes–not listen to their friends rant. Even though I’ve been told I’m funny when I get angry and start ranting, I’ve always taken my rants very seriously. If you find me funny….good for you! If you find me offensive…I don’t care. If you disagree, Please….tell me! I love it when people disagree. However, keep it to polite and civil discourse. We can disagree without rape/death/violence threats. Besides, I’m meaner than you and I don’t get offended by threats–I just start counting the ammo supply and wondering if I need a new gun.

A little about myself before we begin:

From the state of Virginia, I’m an expert ranter who used to own and run a website completely dedicated to making fun of a certain best selling author who is now tanking because–I was right. The point is, I’m almost always Right. I am the mother of 3 grown children, none of whom are (currently) in prison or dealing drugs (though if they were, I’d still love and support them). I’m a college graduate with a degree in business management going for my degree in psychology after a mid-life career crisis during which I joined the U.S military because….jumping out of planes and shooting people sounded like more fun than sitting in an office. I’m a Veteran with 9 years of service which has helped to shape many of my opinions of the world and you will hear me rant about certain military and Veteran issues. My politics are actually democratic socialist libertarian…no, that isn’t an oxymoron. I believe in Abortion, gay marriage, free education for all, owning guns and serving your country. I hate Hillary and Trump with equal fervor but I hate Cruz almost as much. In fact, I hate politicians and believe in social anarchy and Freedom without prohibition of well, anything. Including drugs.  I’m a feminist who eats meat and is proud of it, who respects Men–and Women–of all colors and races who believes religions of all brands should be outlawed because it is inherently opposed to democracy and Freedom for all, the very things our Country was founded on.  And I am a Constitutional Purist. If I had a religion, it would be the Constitution. I am firmly on the side of Common Sense and logic reentering our every day lives and politics.

If you think any of these views are in opposition to one another, read my blog. You will be educated. If you’re not educated, at least argue with me. Argument is the spice of life and the window to knowledge. If you didn’t disagree with me on at least a few issues, I’d seriously question your ability to Think–and in my opinion, the inability to Think is the worst sin of our current generation.


I hope you enjoy this blog. I hope it makes you mad. I hope it makes you think. If it does, then my mission has been accomplished.



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